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Problems with Teachers

By Margaret Li

Throughout my school years, I have found plenty of problems with teachers that I want to point out. I am not an expert on this field, as I am still a student. However I do want to state my opinions of teachers at our school system.  


  1. “Teaching”

Surely you have met a teacher that doesn’t teach and just rips off some source from the internet. They make you read or watch something and, of course, take “notes.” Your homework is usually something you can find on the internet or just some problems from the textbook. The routine and teaching style is basically the same everyday. My problem with these kind of teachers is that they don’t teach at all; you’re probably better off studying at home than wasting your time in class.


  1. Different Teaching and Grading Values

Each main subject has multiple teachers. Every year, we hope that we get the easy-going one, the one that’s more lenient in grading. This, however, is not always the case. You are probably in big trouble if you get the stricter one. You’ll slowly see your grade drop… The problem with this is that getting the harder teacher gives you an unfair chance of getting straight A’s. But, If you got the easier teacher, getting an A will be less work and fuss.


  1. Biased, Unfair

There’s always that one teacher that has a favorite student, or is always unfair or even sexist. They are often illogical, their reasoning doesn’t make sense and often has excuses for their wrongdoings. If you are a victim of one, stating your views will make everything worse and create tension for the rest of the year.


  1. Repetition

This teacher wastes 45 minutes of class covering a material that only really needs 10 minutes to understand. I don’t know if the teacher has too little material to cover or just thinks we’re to dumb to understand an easy concept. Either way, this teacher always seem to have too much time in class. You could probably use that extra time doing something more important. This is one big problem for me because you are usually bored throughout the whole period, sitting at your desk wasting precious time.


These are some problems with teachers in today’s generation. Of course there are teachers that are liked, the ones that deserve respect, actually try to teach, and have a level of understanding with their students. I have certainly met many great teachers, but the bad ones have ruined my learning experience and education. The US education system has been improving and has heard the voice of many students, but it is already too late for many of us.

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