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My Morning, Night, Weekend Routine

Hi, I’d like to show you my everyday routines that I do, and I hope you can get inspiration from me as well. 

First, I like to start by introducing my night routine. After I finish my homework, I pack my backpack and go shower. After I shower, when it is the weekend I like to put on a face mask and go on my phone for a while. I look around and chat with friends until I wash the face mask off and put on skin products I like to use. After that, I go to bed and read, and I sleep. I usually sleep around 11 pm, I do have a lot of work sometimes and that is a reasonable time in my opinion. 

Next, I will introduce my morning routine. When I wake up, I start by washing my face. Then, I put on the products I use and start doing my makeup. I usually only use eyeliner and eyeshadow. After that, I started changing for school. I always spent quite some time picking my outfits. Then I start going downstairs for breakfast. When I’m eating breakfast, I think about if I missed any work. After eating breakfast, I grab my bags and head to school. My school is very close to my house so I usually walk there.

Lastly, I will briefly explain what I do on the weekends. On Friday, I will try to get all my work done. On Saturday, I hang out with friends and go to places and have fun. On Sunday, I have classes, but after that I can relax in the night and do whatever I want.

I hope this helped you in some way if you’re also trying to devise a healthy routine. A healthy routine is the start to a healthy day.

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