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How I Make Money as a Teen

Today I will be showing you how I made money as a teenager. I will be introducing 3 ways!

The first way – I like to make money by selling my old clothes. When I look in my closet, I find clothes that I do not need and will not wear again in the future. This indicates to me that I should sell them. The app I use is Depop. I just link my payment method, I start by introducing the item and setting a price, then setting up shipping and putting hashtags for people to discover it. Sometimes it takes a while for someone to be interested in it, but just be patient – it’s worth it!

The second way – Commissions are a big thing. I like to draw and to voice-act. I posted them and people discovered them, and I was introduced to commissions. Commissions are basically where someone pays you to draw, or voice them something of their choice. Then based on how long / advanced it is, they pay you. I find that this is very helpful and has gained me much money in my savings.

The third way – Etsy businesses are another way. I personally have not done this but one of my friends has. She has started a jewelry business and it has been going very well. She makes jewelry and customers buy them, she packs and ships them and her customers are very satisfied. She tells me, when selling items, do your research first. Look in the market and get inspiration. Look at the prices of the other business, and set a reasonable price for the thing you are selling. If your price is too high, people will not buy from you, if your price is too low, you will lose money.

After reading, I hope you have gained some knowledge on how me or my friends make money.

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