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Homework – A Poem

By Ajay Krishnan


A problem that is perennial

With no solution in a vial

Every student, no matter how irked

Is predisposed to homework


Throw yourself into this muddle

Without any team huddle

Relinquish civility, unleash the savage

No more soul to salvage


All types of homework, always hated

Even by students not opinionated

How to efface, this problema

How to get rid of, this dilemma


Looking through your bag of debris

With no joy or glee

Something to admonish

Know when to finish


Deadlock with your brain and hands

And get into a working stance

Begin this cumbersome task

That you never asked


Circumspect, your grade depends on this

What the system expects


They commandeer your soul

It takes a toll


For any breach

A detention in reach



The load is erratic

Anything you say, no matter how furious

Is declared spurious


You cannot refuse

No matter how diffuse


Ambition unbridled

Stolen by the brigand

Of homework


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