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Girl Power

By: Helen Wu

From the beginning of history till recently commonly accepted theory, women are deemed inferior to men. In the Bible, woman was created by using one bone of man. In Darwin’s The Descent of Man, men attained “a higher eminence” through natural selection. But are these preconceptions still true as of today?    

In the ancient world, human tribes had to fight against each other to win land and resources to survive. The level of physical strength, ingenuity, and maneuverability were required to win battles.  Men did play a more important role with their physical strength to protect land and hunt, while women were confined at home bearing and raising children, cooking, and doing housework. Women’s patience and perseverance levels are stronger, but at the time, these qualities weren’t considered as important as men’s skill to ensure the tribe’s survival.

However, nowadays, things are changing. With fewer wars and dramatic social uproars, people need more skills to keep society in line. Academic studies and daily jobs require just as much patience and perseverance for people to succeed. In many fields, whether from education to health care, women and their innate skills are arguably more qualified in these roles.

The human race and the world are evolving. What was once deemed as doctrine may change. Just as many old beliefs, such as “the Earth is the center of the world” and “the heart is the thinking root” proved to be wrong, the concept that “women are the inferior gender” needs be redefined.

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