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Finding your Music taste

There are many apps to stream music on, there are many songs that exist that are currently releasing every day. People have different music tastes, so I’m here to help you find your music taste.

I hope you have already listened to an amount of songs to find songs that you like. Personally, when I started trying to find what I like, I would make a playlist of songs that I liked, and I would put the songs in that playlist. Next, I would search up the genre of songs that I put in the playlist. Then, I would make a sheet of what genre of songs is the most in my playlist. Then, I would try to find songs that are in that genre and listen to them, if I liked it, then I would feel like that was one of the music genres I liked. I would also ask my friends what genres of music they like and get ideas from them 

This is my story with different music genres. At first, I really liked soft songs and I would constantly listen to them to get comfort. Then, my taste eventually evolved to hype songs with rap in them. I liked both English songs and Korean songs. Pop was a favorite genre for me and I felt that my taste in music does change a lot according to your mood and growth. I also feel that music is very subjective so if you dislike something, another person might love it. I feel that you should not bash someone for what music they listen to because everyone has different music tastes.

I hope you learned from this article and I hope you can find your music genre very soon. Finding out your music taste takes time, don’t rush it.

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