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EVs in 2021

By: Zeru (Peter) Li

Electric vehicles are more prevalent now than ever, with Tesla successfully pushing the launch of its newest Model Y and Cyber Trucks. However, there are many more options now than simply Tesla in the EV market. Today, we will be introducing several other picks for the best Tesla alternatives to purchase in 2021.

If vehicle size is not an issue and you usually drive by yourself or with another person, then the Chevy Bolt EV would be a good choice for you. Although it has average normal maneuverability and interior quality, the battery range it offers is a steal considering its size and price. Its stylish hatchback design offers a sense of mobility, while still allowing drivers with 259 miles of range on a single charge. 

Another small size alternative to the Chevy Bolt would be the 2021 Mini Cooper SE. Although it has much shorter mileage and lower horsepower, the SE comes with a fast-charging technology that allows you to charge up to 80% in approximately 30 minutes. Its design is also superior to that of the Chevy Bolt, fun while still being classic. 

If you are looking for something bigger, then the Ford Mustang Mach-E is just for you. Preserving the American muscle car heritage, the Mach-E provides drivers with a long-range, high-quality interior, and great driving pleasure. Its entry-level models would have 290 horsepower on rear-wheel drive, and 346 horsepower in all-wheel drive, leaving no worries behind for buyers who wish to have some fun.

The luxury car marketplace is also seeing growth in EV innovation. For 2021, the Porsche Taycan would be a great model in its ranks. Its classic Porsche design and configurable features give it the true gold medal among all of its competitors. In addition, with a horsepower of 402, it is truly a beast when driving on roads. However, the mileage per kWH, while outperforming the EPA test in real-life settings, is quite average, with about 200 miles on a single charge.  

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