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Essay Tips Continued

Hello and welcome to essay tips part two. This means you will be receiving more tips on how to write your essay! These are based on me and my friend’s personal experiences so feel free to take notes. 

The first tip of this article I have for you is to always have a lead up to the next paragraph. My teacher once told us in class that we should have one which ensures our readers know what is going on with the essay and what is coming next. What I like to do is at the end of each paragraph, start a lead up to the next paragraph and start talking a little bit about the next paragraph.

The next tip is around the topic of what to name your essay. Of course, your essay title has to be based on the essay topic itself, but also it has to be smart and enhancing to catch your reader’s eyes. I like to take some central themes or words / sentences in the essay, mix and match them together to form an eye-catching title but at the same time, centered around the themes and topics of the essay.

The last tip I have is having readers. Yes, having readers. I like to ask my sister or my friends to read my essay. This is essentially my readers. Let them give you feedback about what you did well and what you need to improve on. You never know if your essay is readable until someone actually reads it.

This sums up my essay tips article. I hope this helped you and I hope this helped you and your essay!

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