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Enebriation Prevention

By Kevin Bryan

Everyone will be exposed to alcohol at some time or another when attending parties or large celebrations with friends. While alcohol in moderation can assist in making a fun time for everyone, knowing the signals of when someone has had too much is important for both their safety and yours. Furthermore, steps should be taken beforehand to lower the risk of turning a fun night into a night full of regret.

There are many signs that can help you detect whether a friend has drank too much. If you are worried about a particular friend, start chatting with them. If their words are slurred together and they are unsteady on their feet, this is a clear sign that they are under alcohol’s influence. Many people’s faces will become flushed, and usually quiet individuals often will start raising their voices above the usual volume. Just because a friend has drank just as much as you, does not mean that they are as inebriated as you are. The level of drunkenness can be affected by weight, gender, and what they ate beforehand.

If the situation gets worse, make sure to talk to the friend in a clear and friendly manner, because those who are drunk do not respond well to anger. Be careful with what you say, because your attempt to persuade him or her out of drinking more seems to them like an attempt to “ruin the fun.”

Drinking too much in a short period of time can cause alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning has many symptoms, including inability to stand up, vomiting, seizures, pale skin, and irregular breathing. If these symptoms are seen, make sure to immediately get medical help. While your judgement may also be impaired because of drinking, getting medical help is always better than leaving a friend out to dry. While they have stopped drinking, the sheer amount of alcohol in their bodies is building up, and the liver cannot handle so many toxins at once. Make sure to not move them from their present location and keep them lying on their side, so that any liquid leaving the mouth will be released instead of choked on.

There are many ways to lower the risk of becoming too drunk. Getting to know the standard alcohol unit guidelines can help you understand how many drinks you can have before entering into the “danger zone”. Setting a spending limit is also a good way to prevent yourself from buying too many drinks. Alcohol on a empty stomach is never a good idea, so before going to the party or gathering, make sure to eat a substantial meal. Finally, drink at your own pace, so that you will recognize when it is necessary to stop.

Alcohol can be fun, but there can also be great consequences. Always make sure to take precautionary measures to keep yourself and others safe.

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