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Drinking Soda


By: Jocelyn Li

Although soda companies encourage people to exercise, health experts still disapprove of their advertisements because they promote soda as well as fitness. Soda contains on average 240 calories and 15-18 teaspoons of sugar per can. Therefore, drinking soda increases the chance of getting Type 2 diabetes. Even though the sales of soda have dropped to an all time low over the past few years, the soda industry has a team of scientists funding their ventures, the Global Energy Balance Network. Health experts are not happy about this since it isn’t easy to burn off calories from drinking a bottle of soda. Obesity expert Dr. David Ludwig says, “The notion that we can exercise away a bad diet is absolutely unfounded.” Health experts are not the only ones who are displeased; consumers will also be displeased by being misled by these advertisements. Different bodies treat calories differently, so exercising away the calories is not the right method for everyone. Although treating yourself to a drink after a long workout may sound like the perfect idea, soda always increases the risk of many types of sicknesses. So no matter how tempting soda may be and how ideal the idea of exercising away your calories is, controlling yourself from that sip will always be the better choice.

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