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Dorian’s chaos across its path

By Owen Xu Li

Dorian has changed trajectory and left the United States, but now it’s heading to Canada.
The post-tropical cyclone headed to Sambro Creek in Nova Scotia, Canada, at 7:15 pm. Dorian’s maximum sustained winds were recorded at 100 mph (155 km/h) when it was 15 miles south of Halifax. This is equivalent to the winds of a Category 2 hurricane.
Now, Dorian is moving northeast at a rapid pace, 30mph. Dorian transformed into a post-tropical cyclone earlier on Saturday because it no longer had a warm core. However, Dorian is still a low-pressure system.
Residents of Nova Scotia started to leave. Kelly Henneberry, for instance, packed their belongings in case of a mandatory evacuation order.
At 8 pm, Nova Scotia Power stated that nearly 350,000 customers lost electricity across the zone.

Dorian’s path has left chaos across its way. In the Bahamas, it flattened homes and blew away entire neighborhoods, leaving at least 43 people dead. Some areas in southeastern Massachusetts can see 18 to 20 feet waves, so even the most professional swimmers are warned to be cautious. In addition, swimmers are advised to be cautious of rip currents, which can pull a person to deeper waters.
Dorian also caused major flooding across barrier islands. In North Carolina’s Ocracoke Island, people had “knee to waist-deep water” in the houses.


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