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Do(n’t) Listen to Music

By: Serena Mao

Many of our parents like to tell us to take out our earbuds when we’re studying. It seems to be a common belief of our parents that music is harmful to the process of information absorption. However, the teens and other students that employ this technique maintain that it helps them study. So which is true?

There have been numerous studies that prove music’s negative effects on concentration. Indeed, listening to music with lyrics has been shown to decrease retention of information. If music is too loud, it can disturb a student’s concentration and focus. Furthermore, music often creates an atmosphere that is associated with the material to be remembered. This means that sitting in a silent test room makes it harder for them to recall the material, as they are not in an environment with the music they are familiar with.

However, music can also have a positive impact on the effectiveness of studying. Some students are excessively stressed or anxious when studying, and music can help ease that stress. Additionally, students that find difficulty being motivated to study can develop drive from music. It can also act as a mood booster, thus increasing the student’s willingness to study. Finally, it can aid endurance, meaning that students are able to study for a long time.

Overall, the benefits and harms of playing music while studying are clear. However, different people have different preferences, meaning that there is no definite answer on whether music is good or bad. Thus, it is important for students to decide for themselves what works for them rather than going by the results of someone else’s experience.

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