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Save the Bay

Hongdi Zhang

It’s a luxury to have a bay nearby. You can enjoy the sunshine on the beach. Kids can play with sand castles, teens can play sand volleyball, and couples can walk around the shoreline. It’s wonderful to enjoy an afternoon on a SF beach.

As more people come to the beach, more trash is being produced that endangers the area. Back in 1961, Sylvia McLaughlin, Kay Kerr, and Esther Gulick took action against filling of the Bay after reading an article which predicted a dire fate for San Francisco Bay if reckless development continued.

They created the Save San Francisco Bay Association, now known as Save The Bay, a nonprofit regional organization.
Its main mission is to preserve the San Francisco Bay and its related habitat area.
With their help, California legislature voted to make the Bay Conservation and Development Commission
a permanent agency, regulating the use of the Bay and its shoreline in 1969.

In 1980, Save The Bay helped drive a successful campaign to defeat an enormous Bay fill proposal in Berkeley. A community-based wetlands restoration program was launched in 2000. When Save the Bay turned 50 years celebration in 2011, it led winning campaign to pass San Jose ordinance and banned the distribution of free plastic shopping bags.

The Save the Bay organization inspired other organizations to get involved with environmental protection. It successfully invited big companies to work with them, and recruited volunteers from companies to denote time and efforts to save the bay. The organization continues to protect the bay and work on restoring it to its natural state.

You can get more info and get involved by visiting the website of Save the Bay organization:

https://savesfbay.org/ . You can help save the bay by becoming a volunteer, and play an essential role to the success of the Save The Bay’s restoration work.


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