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The Bay Area Rapid Transit, also known as BART, is the Bay Area’s primary system of public transportation. With over 44 years of history, BART first began as an effort to combat traffic jams on the freeways. At the start, BART only existed in Oakland. Around four years later, the construction of the transbay tube allowed Bart to expand to San Francisco and other parts of the bay.

Currently, six different lines exist, connecting Richmond in the north to Fremont in the South, and Millbrae and Daly City in the west to Pittsburg and Pleasanton in the east. Although no connection currently exists for San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley, BART does have plans to expand from Fremont down to San Jose. With over 440,000 passengers every day, BART remains a vital role in the Bay Area’s public transportation.

For high schoolers, BART is one of the primary methods of going into the city with friends to have fun. Since most high schoolers are unable to drive, BART allows them to travel to San Francisco and visit Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, Bloomingdale’s, and more. With plans to expand to San Jose, BART will also open up much of the South Bay to students from other parts of the bay.

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