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Advice to Underclassmen

By Lauren Watt

To freshmen:

Welcome to high school! You’re on a long, long journey, and I hope you enjoy it. The bigger school, new people, and tremendous workload can definitely be intimidating. Just take it slow. The transition can take a while. Make sure that you don’t compare yourselves with others. When living in a such a competitive place and world, it’s easy to lose your confidence and identity. Remember that high school changes people and your old friends can turn into people you don’t know. It’s okay to cut them out of your life if they make you feel uncomfortable. You will make new friends! Try out different clubs (like DECA) and try your best to make your first year enjoyable.


To sophomores:

Sophomore year is honestly one of the strange ones. It’s not the most relaxing or most stressful; you’re just stuck in the middle. Take this year to study for your standardized tests and fill up your community service hours. Enjoy this year because junior year will be tough.


To juniors:

Don’t go crazy with AP classes. Do you actually like the subject? Or are you just taking it because “everyone” else is? Start thinking about what you want to do after high school—what profession? STEM or humanities? Of course, most people don’t know what they want to do even when they’re in college, but having a general direction or sense of what you want to pursue is a big help. Junior year is tough, but it goes by quickly. Don’t burn yourself out—first semester of senior year is even tougher. Relax when you need to, and start your college apps during the summer.

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