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3 Ways to Hang Your Posters up

In this article, I’ll be telling you how to hang the posters that you have or want to hang up. The majority of us have posters at home, whether it’s a character, a place, a thing that we’ve interested in. But the question is: what material can I use to hang the posters up without damaging them?

Well, one of the simple solutions is to use tape. Clear tape is very helpful in most situations – not this one. If you use clear tape to hang your poster, when you take it down the tape will rip with the poster, destroying it. So a solution is to just simply use another type of tape, which I recommend painter’s tape. Yes judging the title, it’s tape used for painters to paint places on their canvas. This tape is easy to take down and work with and will not damage the poster.

Another option is to use magnets. Yes, magnets are another option. You may be wondering – how do I hang stuff up with magnets? They won’t stick. It’s simple. Use painter’s tape and put the magnet on the back of the sticky side of the tape, then put it to the wall. Use another magnet, and another roll of tape, put another magnet against the poster, then, the magnets will attract and stick!

The last option is using a mounting putty. Mounting putty is like a hard putty which sticks onto surfaces. I feel like all of us have played with it before when we were children. Just put the putty on the wall and stick the poster against the wall. You can get it on amazon.

Above are all the ways on how I stick my posters on the wall. Of course, if you have more options feel free to use your way.

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