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2021 NFL Draft

Despite only a fifth of the draftees attended live in Indianapolis, the 2021 NFL draft was just as lively as ever, filled with emotions of delight, anger, and at many times, confusion. We heard the traditional booing of the crowd as Robert Goodell walked onto the stage to announce the draft picks and there were even a few celebrities and past NFL players announcing picks for their teams as well. But, let’s quickly get into this years first 10 draft picks.

  1. Trevor Lawrence going at number one overall was destined for the past three years. He is a generational talent of the likes of Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning, but to who would he go to was the question. The 1-16 Jacksonville Jaguars were able to pick him up, and despite what their record says, they do have a talented roster and will have many more draft picks. 
  2. The number two pick was Zach Wilson out of BYU. There is no doubt that he is a multifaceted quarterback, but with Ohio State Justin Fields on the board who arguably is more talented than Zach, he will be given a B. But, there is a chance he could turn into a bust due to the fact that he is placed in a terrible situation.
  3. The 49ers traded up with the Texans for Trey Lance. He, as head coach Kyle Shanahan says, has the arm of Drew brees and the running ability of Lamar Jackson. His draft pick alone would be a B, but due to him being put in an incredible situation with a great coaching staff, he will definitely be their franchise quarterback for years to come.
  4. Kyle Pitts going to the falcons was no surprise. He is a generational talent of a tight end and he is put in a great situation to learn from Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley, two extremely talented wide receivers. This is an “A” pick.
  5. Ja’marr Chase going to the Bengals is either a hate or love situation. He played alongside Joe Burrow, the Bengals qb and were able to win the 2020 college Championship. They have great chemistry and will be an elite duo. Many believed that the Bengals should have chosen generational talent Penei Sewell to protect Joe burrow at Offensive Guard, but the bengals did make up for this with a great second round pick and free agent pick to protect their Quarterback. 
  6. Miami Dolphins going Jaylen Waddle is an A pick. He and Dolphins Qb Tua were teammates giving them chemistry and giving the dolphins an elite WR trio. 
  7. Penei Sewell going to the Lions is an A plus pick. He is an incredible guard and him going 7th is an absolute steal.
  8. Jaycee Horn to the panthers is a B plus pick. He is a top 2 cornerback in the draft, but Patrick Surtain II was arguably the better choice, but both work well.
  9. Patrick Surtain II to the broncos was a B- pick. He is a great cornerback no doubt, but this was not a necessity. They should have gone for a linebacker in Micah Parsons.
  10. Devonta Smith to the Eagles was a great pick. This will be an A- though because despite him being the College 2021 Heisman winner, he is small and there are debates on whether he will be physical enough to go against elite defenders.

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