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The Pros and Cons of Skiing

By Jiemin Sun

During the winter holidays, many people “migrate” to warmer areas to pass the cold weather, like to a beach resort in the Caribbean or a warm comfy chair by the fireplace at home. But another option, skiing, is quite popular.  Let us look at the benefits of skiing first. Skiing is also the ideal exercise to lose weight. Skiing is a systemic aerobic exercise, and just going down a hill for an hour can make your body burn off 700 calories. It demands that certain parts of the body be fit, so it forces your body to work out. In addition to enhancing physical coordination, it may improve body flexibility. But of all the benefits, the most important factor is that you can have fun skiing. You are flying down a steep slope like a roller coaster, but you are in control of the speed, direction, and the flips and turns. If you fall, the snow is there to catch you.

Skiing is now a common outdoor sport, especially if you live near large mountain ranges. Although you can gain exercise time and enhance physical fitness, the drawbacks of the process may cause some serious harm to the body. For example, eye injuries due to sunlight overexposure are very common on the slopes. , The reflection of light from the snow can be very strong on a sunny day, and if you are not equipped with good ski goggles, you may be prone to symptoms of blindness and overexposure. If this happens, you should close your eyes and rest for 10 minutes to let your eyes have a break. Skiing is a high risk sport, meaning that it is common to have injuries. During skiing, falls are very common. An unfortunate slip may result in a dislocated shoulder, or a broken bone. During skiing, one must pay a lot of attention to protection. All in all, skiing is a very helpful sport for fitness, and if you are prepared and confident you may go on to achieve great things.

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