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Current Events Summary 7/19-7-28


International News:

  • A strike in Syria on July 8th killed an leader of the terrorist group, Muhsin al Fadhi. Al Fadhi was the leader of the Khorasan Group, a terrorist organization composed of senior al Qaeda members who moved to Syria. The Khorasan Group has been focusing on plotting attacks against the U.S. and other western countries.
  • American dentist Walter Palmer confessed to paying $50,000 to track and hunt down Cecil the lion, sparking major outrage around the world. Palmer allegedly tracked the lion for over 40 hours, before shooting him with a rifle. The lion was found beheaded and skinned on the edge of Hwange national park.  Palmer expresses his regrets on killing the lion, but is still being vilified on the internet.

National News:

  • The recipient of the 2015 Arthur Ashe award, a prestigious award that recognizes one who made courageous and honorable actions, goes to Caitlyn Jenner.
  • A movie theater shooting occurred in Lafayette, Louisiana on Thursday, July 23. The gunman took his own life after, resulting in 3 deaths and 7 injuries.The shooter’s motive was unknown, and investigations are undergoing.
  • NASA’s Kepler spacecraft discovered a 2nd “Earth”, a planetary body with similar conditions of the Earth, and may be habitable. This planet, the Kepler-452b is 1400 light-years away from Earth, and in the habitable zone of its own star. Kepler-452b is roughly 60% larger than Earth, but its similar atmosphere suggests the possibility of water on the surface, along with vegetation.
  • Three Spanish reporters went missing in Syria; there are strong suspicions that these three men were kidnapped. They were last heard on July 13th, three days after they crossed the southern Turkey border to enter Syria. The Spanish government is concerned of the three journalists’ assumed abduction, and are currently waiting for confirmation.
  • Three terrorists attacked a police station in Gurdaspur district of India on July 27th. Three civilians and three security forces were killed under gunfire, before the attack was ended. It is currently unknown which terrorist group the gunmen belong to.
  • A shootout broke out in an Afghanistan wedding on July 27th, killing 21 people. In a dispute, two armed groups attacked each other, also taking down guests of the wedding.

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