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Coronavirus for nature

By Owen Xu Li

Scientists are eager to see how wildlife and nature have changed due to decreased human activity in the past months from the COVID-19 lockdown. Their main focus are dawn choruses, displaced animals, and the night sky without pollution.

It is called The Earth Project and it is a global citizen science study organized by various UK university scientists.

The goal of the project is to show how nature has benefited from decreased human activities during the lockdown.

Researchers need the public to capture what has happened to wildlife and nature during the lockdown, with 3 main questions:

  1. Can the COVID-19 increase environmental recovery?
  2. Can we self-isolate from Climate Change?
  3. Can the COVID-19 pandemic mark a historic year for nature?

The team is no stranger to the fact that multiple sacrifices will have to be made in order to reduce our impact on the planet. With this project, they hope that the experiences of the public with nature will help create an attitude shift.

Decreased transportation and usage of streets have caused goats to roam the deserted streets of Wales, and the public states that they can hear the birds sing more clearly without the constant noise of automobiles.

Sighting pictures and audio recordings will be collected by the team and will be made public for everyone to enjoy during late Summer and Autumn. Additionally, the team will ask the submitters if they are willing to make changes to their lifestyle to create a positive impact on the environment. These submissions will help provide an idea of how people view and think of the environment before, during, and after lockdown.

Professor Manning, who is part of The Earth Project, said the project will serve as a representation of what happens to nature and wildlife when human activity dramatically decreases. He also said the data collected from the survey will be analyzed and will hopefully be useful to change behavior and impact policymakers.


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