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How to Relieve Stress

By: Dominique Huang Stress. Everyone has felt it at one point or another; it seems as if no one can escape from stress. We will always have deadlines to complete, work to finish, issues to deal with. There are, however, steps we …

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10 Minute Workout

     With so much stress in our everyday lives, it’s important to take time for ourselves every once in a while and make sure that our bodies are in prime condition. Although we might not be able to set aside a …

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To Be Loved: On Relationships

by Isabelle Jia Everyone wants to be loved. For high schoolers, it’s all about being in a “relationship” with someone, but what people often fail to see is that there are more ways to find love than just being in a relationship. …

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Why Sit Ups Won’t Get You Abs

By Bianca Zhou PE teachers and exercise gurus often tell you to do countless sit ups to get those “abs of steel.” Sure, sit ups are categorized as a strength training exercise, but doing sit ups alone won’t get you the abs …

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How to Optimize Your Time When Studying

By Bianca Zhou Many students find it hard to stay focused and productive while studying, but try these tricks next time you grab your textbooks, and with any luck, you’ll be whizzing past the chapters like nobody’s business!   Study in 15 …

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Sugar: Wolf is Sheepskin?

By Xin Chang   The world is filled with harmful articles about fast food and the many ingredients in fast food. Sugar is among the top of this list, and the use of it has received a lot of criticism. And yet, …

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Tea Time!

By Jiemin Sun Tea is a traditional drink for many Asian countries, but now in America, it has become a popular beverage for many. It can even be said to rival coffee in taste and also as a relaxing drink that helps …

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Let Us Meditate

By Jiemin Sun For many Western scientists, meditation is nothing more than a way to relax, or lower one’s blood pressure. While this is true, meditation can do much more for you. Meditation can improve your health physically and emotionally. Many people …

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Honey: Don’t Bee Sick!

By: Grace Ding Many people use honey as a home remedy for colds. It is also a traditional medicine for coughs, but does it really work? Scientists in Britain decided to test this therapy once and for all to find out whether …

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