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Belarusian Armed Border Incursion Into Belarus

By Kevin Zhang The Polish foreign Ministry said Wednesday that it had summoned Belarusian diplomat Alexander Chesnovsky to complain after Belarusian troops equipped with rifles crossed into Poland overnight.  It was the third time this month that the ministry has summoned Chesnovsky …

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ASEAN Summit Begins Without Myanmar Representative

By Kevin Zhang Southeast Asian leaders began their ASEAN summit on Tuesday, with Myanmar refusing to send any representatives after being angered by a collective decision by the bloc to exclude the country’s junta leader. The virtual gathering kicked off three days …

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AMD Winning Over Intel

By: Zeru Peter Li Computers are becoming necessities for people nowadays. When it comes to choosing a PC or building one, consumers need to decide what chips they will use. The two most influential and powerful CPU brands are Intel and AMD.   …

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CDC’s Salt Guidelines

By Emily Zhang Salt, a fundamental ingredient in almost all the foods we eat, is also related to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. How much salt should you take per day to keep healthy? CDC, in its dietary guidelines for …

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U.S. Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti

By Kevin Zhang Around 15 American missionaries and family members have been kidnapped on Saturday by gang members outside the Haitian capital, according to local law enforcement.  The group of between 15 and 17 people, including minors, was being held by an …

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U.S. Nuclear Submarine Collides With Underwater Object

By Kevin Zhang An American nuclear-powered attack submarine reportedly struck an underwater object submerged in international waters of the Indo-Pacific region last week, according to the U.S. Navy, which also added that no life-threatening injuries were reported. “The submarine remains in a …

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China Flies Warplanes South of Taiwan

By Kevin Zhang The Chinese military flew sixteen jet aircraft over waters South of Taiwan on Sunday. The United States has expressed its concern about what it has called “provocative military action” on the part of China near the self-governed island that …

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Shooting in Russia Kills Six

By Kevin Zhang A gunman killed six people and injured 28 others after he started shooting at a university in the central Russian city of Perm.  The assailant, a student of the university, walked onto campus on Monday morning and opened fire. …

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