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A forest glows as the fire burns out of control on a mountain hillside in the Pike National Forest behind the Platte Canyon High School as it works it way through the pine trees above highway 285 near the small town of Bailey, Colorado.

What Causes Forest Fires and How to Prevent Them

By Kevin Gong

Forest fires, a kind of extensive forest burning caused by human or natural factors, and forest fires, not only bring several losses to nature, but also cause property damage to human society. As recently as 2020, a forest fire of rare scale occurred in Australia, burning an area of about 17.1 × 106 hectares and destroying more than 5,900 buildings (including more than 2,204 houses) and killing 34 people as of January 8, 2020. 

Since forest fires have caused many major losses to humans, we should look for ways to avoid mountain fires. Because forest fires can be caused by natural phenomena such as lightning strikes, we can only try as much as we can, and we can do for example

1. Try not to use fire sources in the forest.

2. Artificial rainfall in dry forest areas.

3. Use tools such as chainsaws in the forest to put out sparks as soon as they arise.

However, forest fires are not all caused by human actions, but can also be caused by nature. For example, lightning strikes, etc. If this type of forest fire occurs, what should we do to stop it as soon as possible or prevent it? We can do for example.

1. place more forest rangers so that forest fires can be detected first.

2. add planes to the fire department, for forest fires, planes will be very effective in fighting.

3. Increase the manpower for the fire department

4. Artificial rainfall

By reducing the number of forest fires, more forests can be saved and unnecessary property damage can be reduced. Therefore, people should take actions as soon as possible and protect our buildings and people.

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