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Zip Line Adventure In Jamaica

By: Megan Tjandrasuwita

Have you ever dreamed of soaring over the magnificent mountainous landscape, listening to the sounds of leaves rustling in the trees and the trickling flowing spring below? You can make this dream a reality with a zipline tour, such as one in Jamaica.

Soaring through the mountain breeze along the suspended zip lines at the Chukka Estate is perhaps one of the most adventurous ways to view the magnificent jungle of Jamaica. Nestled among the lush treetops of the Jamaican Mountains, Chukka zip lines send riders flying over crystal-clear rivers and tree-covered terrains at several hundred feet above the ground.

After boarding a bus to the mountain peak, you attend a brief orientation and a short training session at the Estate. Then, you follow a tour guide to the first zip line tower, located under the shade of a huge evergreen tree. At the base of the tower, everyone puts on safety gear, including helmet, gloves, and a sitting harness before moving to a waiting line in front of the launching area. As you approach the launching platform, the image of a long, down-sloping zip line may evoke a fear of heights. Suspended in mid-air, the double steel cables are tied around a giant evergreen tree trunk on the first tower and stretch down at a steep angle to the second tower. The thick mountain fog often makes it difficult to see the other end of the zip line.

When it’s your turn, try to relax and enjoy the ride. Unless you are an experienced rider, don’t be ashamed if you close your eyes, scream in terror, and feel as if you are flying to your death. However, once you embrace the wind rushing against you and the adrenaline pumping through your veins, you will experience an immense, unforgettable high. Furthermore, you will be astounded by the panoramic view of crystal-clear running water, lush trees, and mountains in the distance. On rare occasions, you may lean too much on the extension loop, causing the ride to abruptly come to a halt. While it’s easy to let the fear engulf your body and for the spectacular view to transform into a menacing trap, just remember the safety procedures that you have learned. Grasp the cable firmly, turn around, and pull yourself backwards. After a few thrusts on the cable, you should find yourself regaining the downhill motion and gliding straight towards the destination.

All in all, zip-lining is an experience that should make it onto your bucket list if it’s not already there. The exhilaration is truly unparalleled—next time you have a day off or plan a vacation, make sure to look for nearby zip lining locations to guarantee a memorable time.


About Megan T

Megan is a senior at The Harker School. She is interested in applied mathematics, computer algorithms, artificial intelligence, cognitive vision science, and economics. Outside of school, she is a tutor and mentor at the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula (BGCP), a regular volunteer at Second Harvest Food Bank (SHFB), classical pianist, and an avid figure skater. In her free time, she enjoys exploring hiking trails in the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe, reading science fiction books, WIRED and The New Yorker magazines.

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