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You need to get Vaccinated!

By Kevin Gong

From the outset, the pandemic has restricted the freedom of society. With no vaccine the only course of action was restriction of people’s movement and association. Even then, many people died because of the virus, and an alternative to sheltering in place was needed. A huge shift of economic resources made it possible to hire scientists and other workers to develop and deploy tests and vaccines for the population. The good news is that since the pandemic started, scientists have been successful in developing, not one, but multiple vaccines for the Covid-19 virus. Now, in 2022, you can just schedule your vaccination online and after only a few injections, you can get very effective protection. This protection is not just for yourself; a vaccination also protects other people around you through your immunity to the virus. 

Some people may ask “Is the vaccination really effective?” The answer is yes, the vaccination companies release the protection rate for their vaccine and it is higher than many anticipated at the beginning of the pandemic. Of all the vaccines, Pfizer leads in protection rate with a 95% effectiveness, followed by Morderna with a protection rate of 94%. No matter which approved vaccine you receive, you will have at least a 50% chance of not getting infected, and if you get infected you have a much lower risk of getting life threatening symptoms. According to the data, in all the new cases as of Dec 14, 2021, only about 7% of new cases are vaccinated people. This is strong evidence supporting the protection rate data provided by the vaccine companies. 

A vaccine will not just protect you from the virus, it can also protect the people around you. If you get a vaccine, this means that you’re safer to contact. A vaccine that immunizes you from the virus is also protecting people around you by reducing the transmission rate. Only a few days of post vaccine pain can protect you from long term pain and possibly permanent damage from the virus. 

Therefore, for you and your family’s sake, go get the vaccine!

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