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Should you worry about your job being replaced by the rising AI? (Part II)

By Kui Jia

Given the advancement of technology and proliferation of data, a new wave of machine learning and AI is coming. Top high tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook are investing billions of dollars on AI and many industries such as science, eCommerce,  retail, transportation, education, and finance have already started adopting latest AI and machine learning technology to keep them competitive.      

There is no doubt that many traditional jobs will be impacted by the rising AI technology. Some examples include language translators, image reviewers, auditors, and call center support technicians. In more advanced scenarios, biomedical scientists might start to use AI assistants to help them analyze patient MRI images to detect or predict early symptoms of cancer. Even the top financial companies in Wall Street may start to replace some of their top-paid stock traders with AI-assisted stock trading systems. Some financial firms may even begin to use AI to replace some levels of profile management.    

Should you worry about your current job because of the advancement of AI? Yes and no. Across thousands of years of human civilization, there have been many generations of technological innovations which have dramatically changed the ways of how people live and work, so there are really never any guaranteed jobs lasting forever.

Not to worry: humans are always able to create higher level jobs which are more creative, efficient, and enjoyable by updating old jobs with new skills and technologies. AI is no exception here. People should always use AI to embrace new technologies, update their skills, and focus on more creative areas rather than staying mired within obsolete job markets.

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