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Winter the Dolphin

By: Eileen Guo

Thanksgiving and Christmas are both right around the corner, and you may be debating on where to go for vacation. Why don’t you go to an aquarium?

Don’t roll your eyes!

Not just an ordinary aquarium; it’s the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida! This is the aquarium home to Winter the dolphin. When she was just three months old, she was found trapped in a crab line. People tried to help her, but her tail had already been destroyed. Most dolphins that are trapped will die, but miraculously, Winter pushed on and survived. Not only has she survived, but has also adapted to her conditions and created her own way of swimming.


She is an extremely friendly dolphin and inspires all kinds of kids with disabilities. I highly suggest you to pay a visit! The movie, Dolphin Tale, features Winter and her story.

What does this say to us?

All your trash and irresponsible choices can land in the ocean, hurting all the poor animals. Not every creature is as lucky as Winter, and it’s our job to take responsibility for what we decide to do. To help beautiful creatures like Winter, be mindful about what your do with your trash and what flows in the sewers. There are recycling and trash bins everywhere; it should not be a problem for you to place your trash in a bin. You can do your part in helping these animals! Land animals and sea animals—none of them need to be hurt by your trash. If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t throw it on the ground, because the animals shouldn’t have to eat your mess.

To prevent and to protect, please realize how important cleaning up your trash is.
You can find more information about Winter here: http://www.seewinter.com/winter

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Cindy is senior at Henry M. Gunn High School and is incredibly honored to be a part of the Rising Star Magazine team. She enjoys belting out Disney songs, playing piano, watching Chinese dramas, and babysitting. Cindy serves as California DECA's VP of Silicon Valley and is also the singing teacher at FCSN and the President of HEARTS Nonprofit. She can be contacted at cindy@risingstarmagazine.com

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