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Why You Should Write Things Down

By Michael Yang

In this increasingly digital age, more and more students prefer taking notes by typing, rather than by writing things down by hand. Though many students believe that taking notes by laptop may enhance  one’s academic performance, studies show that it may, in fact, cause one to miss important details.

Studies have shown that students who write out notes, rather than typing them out, learn more than their counterparts. Students who were tested were more likely to remember facts as well as concepts more easily after writing them down as opposed to typing them. Because writing by hand is more difficult and tedious, students are forced to summarize and synthesize the information received, causing them to understand it more easily than one who simply copies all the information down on his or her laptop. In addition, students who take notes by hand are less likely to be distracted by games, the Internet, or any of the other distractions which a laptop poses for students.

Though technology has shaped the world of education in many positive ways, it should not be relied on for everything. Though technology has allowed for more efficiency in many aspects of our lives, note-taking is better left to pen and paper.



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