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Why Should We Study So Hard

By Yuting He

In China, most students get up early to go to school. They study from half past seven in the morning to six o’clock in the afternoon at school. Although they are tired, they can’t relax after they get home. They have to do a lot of homework and have to spend time learning about much knowledge outside of the textbooks. They look very busy, but seldom do people think about the question: why we should study so hard?


Our Chinese teacher once asked us, “Do you know why you should study hard?” There were only several people interested in this question. Most of the students just said they didn’t know why. Through that class, I realized that the problem of Chinese education is the students are rich in knowledge, but their souls are poor. They do many things only because the teachers and their parents ask them to. But they don’t know the meaning or understand why. They are confused about the way to the future.


I think we shouldn’t live so confused. We should know the meaning of studying. I think the first reason to study hard is that having more knowledge is conducive to our survival in society. The second reason is that learning can make us have more ways to become the person we want to be. Finally, studying can broaden our horizons and make us think more rationally.

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