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Why should teens care about current events?

By Joyce Ye

Before the internet was invented a mere 40 years ago, it was near impossible to have easy, reliable, and quick access to current events. Nowadays, we have the ability to read up on events around the globe as they happen, yet it’s all too common for students to ignore the news and use the internet to browse cute cat photos instead.

It’s important to realize, however, that teenagers like us should care about current events, as not only might they directly affect us in our everyday lives, but these having this knowledge from a young age will also create a good habit of reading the news regularly, which is necessary in our adult lives.

Arguably most of the issues in this world are born through ignorance; without the knowledge and clear picture that comes from reading current events, we can not organize to support our own views and push for a better democracy.

We will become blinded by only what large corporations want us to see, and not be able to act proactively and become prepared when events on the other side of the world impacts us, as they so often do. The world is connected in intangible but very real ways, as each nation trades with others, and we all share the same atmosphere.

By arming ourselves with knowledge of current events by reading the news, we can use them to our advantage and make the changes that we believe in. Staying informed helps us to be involved in our community, express our opinions, which everyone, no matter how young, is entitled to, and prepares us for the future.

History so often repeats itself; by learning about what is going on around the world, teenagers will gain a better sense of what’s right and wrong, and all the gray areas in between, which will ultimately help us grow from the mistakes and achievements of others.

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