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Why is Organic Food Better?

By Kevin Gong

As you walk into a supermarket you may notice, the frequency you see a food that is labeled as “Organic” has been rising these past few years. You may also notice that these labeled foods often have a higher price than the same thing that is unlabeled. You may wonder next: why does organic food have a higher price? 

A product’s quality is always related to its value. It’s the same with organic food and normal food. Most people may think that organic food has relatively higher quality than normal food, because organic food has a higher price. That is right, most people consider the previous mentioned benefit as nutrition, but the truth is organic food and normal food have exactly the same amount of nutrition. The relatively higher quality is not nutrition, it’s something more basic.

You may have heard that a normal meat chicken only takes about 8-12 weeks, which is within 3 months, to raise, because the farmers use a lot of hormones while they raise meat chickens.  Then you may ask, in which ways are organic foods better than normal foods? Well, organic foods are better than normal foods on these following ways:

  1. Organic foods are cultivated in a better environment than non-organic foods.
  2. Producers use less pesticide when they cultivate organic food than when they cultivate normal foods.   
  3. Producers use less hormones when they cultivate organic food than when they cultivate normal foods. 
  4. More additives are added to normal foods.
  5. Organic food always contains more antioxidants.

Many shoppers choose organic foods because they’re cultivated in a more careful environment with less chemicals.

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