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Why Is It Necessary To Wash the Dishes?

A lot of people are used to soaping up the dishes and running them under tap water whenever they are manually washing them. The temperature of the said water is typically the same as the room temperature, which most of us would believe is already enough to clean the dishes entirely. And while this method of washing the dishes surely removes any visible dirt and grime, the germs and bacteria that are found on the surfaces of the dishes would somehow still stay and stick. 

The removal of these harmful contaminants is only possible when you wash them under hot water. You see, the sterilization of utensils is typically done with warm to hot water. Some people even wash their clothes with hot water. When washing dishes with normal temperature water, you may have experienced scrubbing your dirty dishes for a long time before finally removing some food and grime. Fortunately, using hot water in washing the dishes can significantly cut the time needed just to get them cleaned. Hot water can easily lift away visible marks and stains off dirty dishes, reducing the amount of time needed to be spent on washing them. Hot water can also help save money from buying a lot of dish cleaning products. 

In conclusion, aside from lifting dirt, food stains, and grime on the dishes easily, hot water can also sanitize them in just a short time. Washing the dishes with hot water can be truly beneficial for you since it can kill off harmful microorganisms and bacteria right away. Hot water dishwashing can be done by either running the dishes under hot water for about 30 seconds or soaking them in a sanitizing solution of hot water and bleach. The removal of these harmful microbes can help ensure the safe food consumption of you and your family.

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