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Why Colleges Should Drop SAT, ACT Requirements

By Jennie Wang

SAT and ACT are both standardized tests that are used for college admissions in the United States. In the past few years, there have been many problems with these standardized testings. This past August, College Board was accused of using recycled tests, which many students had already completed before either when they took the test in October last year or in an SAT prep class. Now, the value of these standardized tests is not as high as it was before in the application process.

Many colleges have already switched the requirement of SAT and ACT tests to optional. Colleges like the University of Chicago believes the requirement of standardized tests often prevent many outstanding students from applying to their college because they scored badly on the SAT or ACT exam. In Hanover research, “62 percent of the college-admissions and enrollment-management officials said they think that the emphasis on colleges’ test-score requirements discourages students from considering colleges where they could get in and do well.” These standardized tests often make students feel unconfident about their application because they have a score below the requirement. Even though they have numerous strengths in other application steps, standardized scores still keep them away from their ideal school.

There are many other ways the college admission can examine students ability in academics. GPA (Grade Per Average) score, AP (Advanced Placement) tests, and extracurriculars are all factors college admission can look at when students are applying for school. Students who are able to take AP classes show their ability to learn as a college student and that they are ready for college courses. Also, many students show high aptitude in some specific fields, their aptitudes should also be considered through the application. Many colleges also drop the requirements of SAT essay, instead, they ask students to submit a graded school essay or research paper. It is also a better way to examine students ability to write and research since the SAT essay has limitations to demonstrate a student’s real ability to write a more arranged and unique essay that really stands out.

All and all, SAT and ACT requirements are not necessary for colleges to examine students. Colleges should examine students through all different ways, and find the one that is suited for the school. Standardized tests do not define students as a whole.

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