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When a Class Breaks You

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Submitted By: Wesley Tsai

One year ago, I signed up for the hardest class in my school without noticing it. Back then, I heard that this class was going to hurt, but, when I consulted my friends who took the class, they told me that it shouldn’t be so bad. Boy, I was wrong. A year later, after months of hardships, crams, and sleepless nights, I now reflect on the class: AP Physics C.

At the start of the school year, I entered the physics classroom with big hopes of an A in the class, but that dream was soon to be crushed as I bombed the first test. Ever since then, I have been in the abyss of physics, constantly digging for points and scrambling for ways to get better scores on tests. The class broke me and as the school year started to end, so did my will to keep on performing in the class.

At the end of April, I decided to drop the class. I was on the edge of failing the class and I basically lost all motivation to go on, so I scheduled an appointment with my counselor to discuss the possibility of dropping the class. However, the counselor told me to stay in the class, and that it is very important to continue the class. He also told me to talk with my teacher to ask for advice. Thus, I went to talk to the teacher and asked him for help. The teacher told me that he knew that I worked hard in the class and that studying wasn’t the problem. He then told me a cool strategy to do better on test and potentially raise my grade. This conversation gave me something important: The hope to continue on and to not give up. I decided that I’m so close to the end, I shouldn’t stop, so I didn’t.

After the conversation, I started to do better, and did not fail the class. Even though the grade I got was far from the A I dreamt about, I still am satisfied with my performance. I gave the class all I gotten and did not end the class with a drop. Even though the class gave me an experience I do not want to go through again, it gave me an experience that I’ll never forget.

About Timothy Lee

Timothy Lee is a senior at Monta Vista High School. He moved back to the States in 2012 after living in Beijing, China for two years, and currently lives in Cupertino, California. This cross-culture experience has enabled him to encounter a vast variety of environments in which part of his writings are based on. He is also currently an officer in HEARTS, a nonprofit organization, and a VP at Silicon Valley DECA. He also has a passion in web design, computer science, badminton, and writing.

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