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What Your Brows Say About You

By Selena Guo

Everyone makes quick judgements about others based on appearance—it’s a natural human instinct. However, you might not realize that even the smallest of details can alter your personality and your image. Take your eyebrows as light predictors for example:

High arch—Eyebrows with an arched shape gives the impression of being in control. People with arched brows like their fun fast-paced. They can be intense and bossy at times, but their great sense of humor makes up for it.

Low arch—Those with slightly arched brows tell others that they are easygoing and friendly. They smile a lot and can keep a secret. Sometimes they can be a pushover, so they can easily be taken advantage of.

Straight—People with straight brows are logical thinkers. They tend to be more introverted but hiding behind their quiet demeanor is a sharp mind and wit. They are the opposite of those with high arched brows—unemotional and cool.

Full—Those with thicker brows appear confident and assertive. They can be trusted with responsibilities that others would buckle under.

Thin—People with thinner brows live life cautiously. They can appear to be doubtful of others, but in reality, they are simply using their gift of good judgement. Better to be safe than sorry!

The next time you pop into the salon for a cleanup for your brows, consider the message you want to send to people. Assertive and reliable, or quiet and trustworthy?

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