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What Will Happen to Sports in the High School

By: Allen Bryan

Amid this pandemic, I am sure that you, like many other high school students, are wondering what will happen to fall sports. Recently, the National Federation of State High School Associations released guidelines for the reopening of sports. 

The NFSH released a three-step phase into the opening of sports in high schools. There will be precautions taken in all three. First, the coaches will be asked to wear masks. All will be required to take temperature checks and no more than ten people will be allowed in the same area at once. No locker rooms will be used and there will still be a six-foot distance requirement between all people.

Going into the second phase, temperature checks will still be mandatory, but now 50 people will be allowed in outdoor workouts. Lastly, in phase three, 50 or more people can gather indoors but are not allowed to come in physical contact with one another when not participating in the sport.

But unfortunately, the NFHS has categorized certain sports into low, moderate, or high risk of spreading the virus. Lower risked sports will be allowed to begin sooner than those with higher risks. Low risk sports include individual running events, swimming, golfing, and others that do not make you come into close contact with others. Moderate risk sports include basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer, and others. High risk sports include wrestling, football, competitive cheer, and more.


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