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What to do in Quarantine When you’re Bored

By: Elsa Yang

During quarantine, we were forced to stay inside, and my personal experience wasn’t the greatest. I had to stay home and all I could do was look at my phone and attend virtual class. Below are the things I recommend doing during quarantine to help you make your life easier and better.

The first thing I recommend doing is starting a diary. I think this is a really nice way to record your life during shelter-in-place and also make your life fun. You can decorate the diary in whatever way you like, write whatever you want, and draw whatever you wish. It is also an activity that helps to pass time. You would not even realize that you spent several hours writing and decorating a diary when you finish. 

The next thing I recommend doing is playing games online and FaceTiming with your friends. As we all know, when with friends, you are much happier and less bored. What you could do is you could FaceTime your friends and you could play games online while FaceTime. You could talk about the game and chitchat like you guys are in person.

The last thing I recommend doing is cooking or baking something for your family. The reason why I think this is an effective method to spend time during quarantine is first, time passes really easily by making things for your family to eat, and second, your relationship with your family will improve over time. your cooking skills will improve dramatically as well!

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