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What the Chinese Zodiac Says About Success

By: Yan Tu

People who want to succeed must rely on their own efforts. And struggle might fail, but no struggle is certainly no success. Successful people in this world always is minority. They have their own dreams. Their goal is very clear. Although it will be tough on the road, but they will persist. There are 12 animals in total for Zodiac. Let’s look at what are the most successful Zodiac animals.


One needs wisdom and strong willpower to succeed in our society. Rats have superhuman wisdom and sharp eyes that see through other people’s facades. They will always walk towards their goal.


Roosters are particularly flexible and intelligent, with a strong ability to adapt to the environment. Even if the people around them are mediocre, they still clearly see the direction of things. At the workplace, roosters are calm, resolute and capable. People around roosters are very satisfied, especially if the rooster is the leader.


Pigs are very reliable and care about family. However, they do not rely on others or on parents. Pigs are visionary and creative, which makes their work more effective.


The tiger is very powerful. We always say that one who does not want to be the king of the forest is not a good tiger. Even though they may face a lot of difficult problems, they will never give up. Their ideals are very far, and they challenge themselves all the time.


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