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What Pet Should You Get?

By: Andy Chen

Whether or not to get a pet isn’t the only dilemma that potential pet owners face; sometimes, the harder choice is what kind of pet to get. Ranging from dogs and cats to fish and hamsters, the type of pet a potential owner decides to get may be just as, if not more important than the decision to get a pet at all.

  1. Dogs
    When most people think of a stereotypical pet, they think of the dog — “man’s best friend.” If you’re looking for an unwavering, fun companion, a dog would be your best bet, provided that you’re willing to spend the time and energy to properly feed, exercise and allow your dog to be safe and happy. Dogs also come in different breeds, all of which have certain benefits: shiba inus and corgis are great if you’re looking for something cute, while a bullmastiff or sennenhund would both work well as a guard dog.
  2. Cats
    Like dogs, cats are wonderful companions. While most aren’t as playful or energetic as their canine counterparts, cats require significantly less maintenance to take care of — if you’re usually busy but still want a caring friend in the household, definitely consider the cat.
  3. Hamsters and Guinea Pigs
    Hamsters and guinea pigs both take up little space and require little maintenance. They aren’t as responsive as cats and dogs, but if you’ve never had a pet before, taking care of a hamster or guinea pig can be a great stepping stone to becoming a responsible cat or dog owner.
  4. Fish
    Fish are similar to hamsters and guinea pigs in that they take up little space, require little maintenance, and serve as a great stepping stone. It’s often difficult to set up a fish tank, but if you do, you’ll be able to take care of multiple fish — not just one — without having to alter your previous routine, since the difference between feeding one and many isn’t a huge change. 

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