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What Causes Anxiety and How to Reduce It

By: Peter Li

We all have experienced different types of anxiety before. It could be being anxious before a test, being nervous before receiving a statement, being scared to speak in front of the public. What exactly is anxiety, what is it about them that keeps them happening in our bodies over and over again?

First, there are different forms of anxiety including being scared, sociopathic, OCD, and PTSD. They cause people to have symptoms like muscle soreness/tension, headaches, sweating, passing out, and heavy breathing. Anxiety really does affect people’s lives, and it should not be ignored and it needs to be addressed. 

So what causes individuals to have symptoms of anxiety? Studies have shown that speaking to oneself negatively, having the wrong beliefs, not getting enough exercise, and having unhealthy diets all contribute to anxiety disorders which lead to stress. Having negative thoughts make people’s minds more gloomy and forces them to see the negative side of things, therefore causing a pessimistic perspective that causes anxiety. 

How should you reduce anxiety and stress? There are a couple of ways to try. First and foremost important, have a positive and optimistic view of yourself and society. Admit and recognize the things around you. Accepting reality helps, such as knowing that you are who you are. Second, getting exercise lets the body create endorphins, which act as natural painkillers. Also, studies prove that having a diet with mostly vegetables, fruits, and grains helps reduce stress and anxiety. Last but not least, relax and just take a minute to rest and breathe. Try recalling all the things that happened around you today. In this busy world, having time just for yourself is really important, and it really helps reduce the risk of anxiety. 

Don’t worry or panic whenever you feel like you are being anxious and stressed. It is normal for everyone to have anxiety as it is a way to protect themselves. Try the methods above to relax. If you still feel worried, go seek a friend or doctor for more help. 

Source: https://www.webmd.com/anxiety-panic/guide/causes-anxiety


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