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Vitamin D

By: Andy Chen

Now that everyone’s sheltered in place due to various counties going purple again, many have struggled to maintain a healthy intake of vitamin D. Vitamin D may seem insignificant, but in actuality, the “sunshine vitamin” is extremely important in keeping our bodies and immune system going — which is necessary now more than ever.

By facilitating the immune system, vitamin D plays a pivotal role in fighting the various diseases that enter your body. In fact, people with more access to vitamin D are at a lower risk for heart disease and the flu, according to Healthline.

Additionally, vitamin D reduces depression, boosts weight loss and regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Without a healthy supply of vitamin D, your body is at risk of developing abnormalities like soft or fragile bones.

Thus, even with the pandemic ensuing, you should make sure to maintain your levels of vitamin D. Here’s how:

Of course, spending time in the sun in the easiest way to maintain vitamin D — 30 minutes of midday sun is enough to keep your levels of vitamin D somewhat healthy. If you have a pet or are trying to exercise, going outside is the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone.

Additionally, many foods contain vitamin D. Most notably, mushrooms, fatty fish like tuna and shrimp, fortified foods (cereal, tofu, yogurt, cow’s milk), and egg yolks all have a relatively large amount of vitamin D, so try supplementing your diets with them.

Lastly, if the two above methods aren’t working, don’t be afraid to take supplements if you’re not able to get a healthy amount of vitamin D. Additionally, you may want to look into getting a UV lamp, which simulates the effects of sunlight.


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