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Videography in Troubled Times

By: Eileen Guo

I’ve been taking video production ever since freshman year. I automatically fell in love with it because I never knew how empowering a camera could be. I walked into my video production class on the first day of school, not knowing a single person. We went to the room next door with big cameras, light setups, a control room, a teleprompter, green screens, colored lights, and computers galore. I only thought equipment like that existed at a news broadcast station, not a high school. I was so overwhelmed when people started taking out their DSLR cameras and tried to explain aperture and shutter speed to a clueless fourteen year old girl. 

About a week after class had started, I went out during lunch to film my first video. We interviewed extremely daunting seniors and ran around campus trying to film b-roll (supporting footage) in the mere 30 minute lunch period. As my first experience filming, sure it was overwhelming, but it was also exhilarating. I loved being able to hold a camera to document the stories that my classmates had to tell. 

One way that I’ve gotten my mind off of quarantine is creating videos. Perusing through the thousands of photos I’ve taken during the school year (as I’m a photographer on the yearbook staff), I’ve compiled pictures of places and people that I love and cherish. During this difficult time, it’s hard to find reasons to be happy because we’re constantly locked up inside our homes. I, however, think that it’s really important to remember that just the fact that we have a roof to live under is something to be grateful for. Looking at old pictures just brings back memories of the day or event I spent with my friends and family. This year has been filled with adventure, as I’ve travelled Europe with my family, had an interesting semester of my junior year, and the fact that I’m living through a future US history lesson are reasons to be grateful. I thought, what better way to reminisce over the past two years than to combine all my photos and videos into one compilation. 

Combining my love for cinematography and photography with gratitude has never been easier. I’ve slightly lost my motivation to learn and appreciate the arts with so much stress piling on from school. At a more relaxed pace to learn at home, I have so much more time to get back to what I love and create an art piece for others to smile at as well. 

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