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Trigger Warnings

By Michael Yang

Recently, there has been major debate over the concept of trigger warnings on college campuses. Trigger warnings are warnings that are added before potentially disturbing content.. Many of its opponents argue that trigger warnings on college campuses serve to coddle students, and that they should not be put in place. However, trigger warnings, though often misunderstood, serve to prepare students for potentially disturbing material, and thus should be put in place on college campuses.

Much of the hate against trigger warnings misunderstands the purpose of trigger warnings. Trigger warnings are not meant to coddle students, or to suppress dissenting opinions; rather, trigger warnings serve to allow students to prepare for material that could be distracting or disturbing. Trigger warnings should not be looked at as a tool which limits one’s viewpoint; rather, it broadens it, allowing one to prepare for dissenting viewpoints.

Trigger warnings on college campuses have received a lot of hate, with many believing them to be representative of censorship. However, trigger warnings are just the opposite, and should be kept on college campuses.

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