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Tornado Outbreak Hits The Midwest

By Kevin Zhang

The governor of the state of Kentucky has said that more than 70 people have been killed following deadly tornadoes on Friday night. Governor Beshear has said that the figure could surpass 100 in the following days in what he called the worst tornadoes in Kentucky history. 

Dozens of people are also feared dead inside a candle factory in the town of Mayfield. Five people have also died as tornadoes passed through other states, including one death in an Illinois Amazon warehouse.

Beshear has since declared Kentucky in a state of emergency. Mayfield and everything in the 227 mile path of the tornado, almost all of it in Kentucky, was devastated, he said. 

“It’s indescribable, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. You see parts of industrial buildings, roofs, or sightings in trees, if trees are lucky enough to stand. Huge metal poles bent in half if not broken, buildings that are no longer there, huge trucks that have been picked up and thrown. And sadly far too many homes that people were likely in, entirely devastated. There are a lot of families that need your prayers,” he added.

Several counties have reported death counts, but the amount of potential deaths in the Mayfield candle factory could surpass even the current death count, said the governor. More than 100 people were inside the building when the tornado had hit. Mr. Beshear said that 40 people had been rescued at the factory, however. Local officials that visited the factory have reported heavy machinery displaced by the tornado, as well as drums leaking corrosive chemicals. 

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