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Tips on Starting to Dance

As someone who is currently learning different kinds and styles of dance, I have learned quite a lot from my experiences. Below are my tips of what I recommend doing and not doing.

First, dancing is something I recommend practicing a lot for. One time, I learned a new dance but I did not practice it a lot. Later when I went to my class to review and learn the next part, I found that I had trouble doing all the parts and that led to me struggling to keep up with the teacher. Spend some time each day to review so you don’t forget.

Next, if you don’t understand something, immediately go to the teacher and ask them for advice. The most important part of learning is asking questions. I like to wait until the end of the class and go up to them to ask for any tips they want to give me. This ensures me that I can learn the proper moves and be able to preform nicely. One experience personally is when we learned a new part I did not understand a part so I went to the teacher to ask her. She explained everything nicely and I understood immediately after. 

Lastly, I recommend looking at yourself or getting a mirror, or record yourself when you practice. Sometimes, you might think you’re doing the moves right but when you look at yourself in the mirror, or recording yourself you look completely different and wrong. I like to get a phone out and record myself when I practice so I can see what I did wrong and fix my moves. I found this to be very important and needed.

Above is what I recommend doing, with this I personally did much better in my journey. I hope you learn something from this article.

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