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A few tips to make you feel comfortable on the airplane

A few tips to make you feel comfortable on the airplane

With the weather getting warmer, the annual travel season is approaching, increasing the number of flights all over the world. But if you fly for a long time you will feel the dreaded back pain, calf swelling, dry mouth, and more. The following are a few tips from experts to make you feel comfortable when traveling on a airplane.


Sitting in the right place

Everyone has a unique preference for where they want to sit. Relatively tall passengers are more suitable for sitting near the aisle as it is convenient for them to stretch. Passengers who want to sleep on the plane can choose a window seat so they will not be disturbed by the passengers sitting on the left and right who need to go to the bathroom.


Of course, for all the passengers, sitting at the front of the plane is a wise choice – the passengers behind the plane will suffer from the engine sound and toilet odor.


Drink plenty of water

Cabin oxygen pressure is low while the airplane fly. And the higher the airplane flies, the drier the air is.

You can also carry a mask on the plane to keep the skin moist. Also remember to remove your contact lens on the plane, or carry a small bottle of eye drops.


Prepare a U-pillow

U-shaped pillows are suitable for small spaces. It can be fixed around the neck and relieve neck pressure.


Carry noise cancelling headphones or earplugs

A quiet environment can improve people’s sleep quality, but the loud engine noise will make it difficult to sleep. Noise cancelling headphones or earplugs will help you say goodbye to the loud noise.


Do not go crazy before the flight

Sleep as much as possible. Save your energy so that the journey won’t be so tiresome. Also, even if there is complimentary alcohol on the flight, don’t drink it as it will cause you to be more tired.


Adjust to the time difference

it is recommended to adjust the watch on the plane to the destination time and sleep with the landing time on the plane.


Try to avoid red-eye flights

A red-eye flight is any flight departing late at night and arriving early morning. The biggest drawback of red-eye flights is it completely destroys your circadian rhythm.


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