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Tips for Dye and Cutting Hair at Home

In the past, I have had many experiences with hair. I have cut hair, dyed hair, and bleached hair at home. This is a guide on how to not mess up.

First, are dyeing tips. Brands are very important. I do not recommend box dye because it can damage your hair. Instead, do research on the internet for good brands of dye. For bleach, I recommend the L’Oréal Quick Blue Powder Bleach. Picking the right brand of bleach is very important too. It is a big factor in causing your hair to be dead. When dyeing hair, do not do it by yourself. Either call a friend or a family member to help you. Start by doing strands on your head, and do the top of your head last because it absorbs the bleach more quickly. Ask the person dying your hair to apply bleach/dye evenly. When I dyed my hair, my friend and I did not apply it evenly enough, and it caused clumps of color in my hair. 

Next is cutting hair. I cut my hair almost every week out of impulse, but do not be like me. If you wanna cut your hair shorter, make sure to cut them to the same length. But that is not the hard part, the hard part is cutting bangs. Scrolling through social media, I always see people cutting their own bangs and it always goes very well or very wrong. Make sure you don’t cut it too short if you’re cutting actual bangs, cut it to your eyes. If you’re cutting curtain bangs, do not cut straight onto your hair. Cut layers. I recommend going to a salon if you’re cutting bangs to get professionally done. 

Hair is a major factor that can affect your appearance and style. If you can, please go to a salon to dye or cut your hair. If you really want to dye it yourself, follow the tips above.

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