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Three Tasty Cultural Foods

By: Andy Chen

Increasingly, students have turned to cooking or baking as a hobby in an effort to alleviate stress from COVID-19 quarantining. If you’re one of these newly avid chefs, here are some easy-to-make, accessible dishes from various cultures around the world — bon appetit!

  • Russian Beef Stroganoff
  • Enchiladas
  • Thai Red Curry
  1. Russian Beef Stroganoff
    Stroganoff, a Russian dish first found in the 1800s, usually consists of sauteed beef and an easy-to-make sour cream, smetana. The dish is named after the previously influential Stroganov family, as one of their chefs was said to have invented this to serve at the family’s meals. Traditional toppings and pairings include rice and mushrooms, although some people also enjoy pairing the dish with noodles.
    Click here for an easy recipe!
  2. Enchiladas
    Enchiladas consist of a corn tortilla surrounding a filling and covered with a thick, savory sauce. The practice of making enchiladas dates back to the Aztecs; nowadays, enchiladas are popular both in Mexico and around the world. They commonly include meats, cheese, beans and an assortment of vegetables — here’s an easy recipe for chicken enchiladas.
  3. Thai Red Curry
    Curry originated from India, but Thai red curry definitely gives the original a run for its money. As its name suggests, Thai red curry is relatively spicy, due to the abundance of dried red chillies used to give the curry its flavor. Aside from its signature chillies, Thai Red Curry contains coconut milk, and is commonly served with a rice base, a meat protein, and vegetables; here’s a tried-and-true recipe!

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