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The world’s ongoing water crisis.

Winford Chang

In the current world, a huge problem is the  world’s crisis for clean water. While many people who live in third world countries have access to almost as much water as they want, lots of countries around the world are struggling to get clean drinking water, and even worse not even enough water at all. 

Water is an essential part of every human’s basic survival. The human body is around 60% made from water and when humans are exposed to unhealthy and dirtied water they can have many health issues including diarrhea, cholera, and hepatitis A which are all serious health issues that have a heavy chance of death. Health problems such as diarrhea cause more than 2000 children to die each day which is more than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined. An absence of water causes low energy, mental fog, overeating, and eventually death. 

Many countries around the world struggle to get water, some examples for those countries are

  • Ethiopia
  • Papua New Guinea 
  • Somalia
  • Pakistan

There are not a lot of ways one person can help the water crisis but there are ways to help as a collective. In order to get many more people to attempt to help solve this environmental crisis the best play of action is to vote for government officials who plan on assisting and helping countries that are not sufficiently supplied in water. If possible it would be important to join volunteer programs and organizations that specialize in helping with either global health issues or water issues around the world. One thing that everybody can do though is to spread awareness about the water crisis and to not take your own water for granted.

In a third world country or not though water should still be cherished. When not in the shower turning off the faucet to conserve water or turning the sink off while brushing your teeth will all have a positive effect on your area’s water. These changes are small but are great for both you, your environment, and maybe even your house bills.


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