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The large overfishing problem in recent years

Winford Chang


Eating fish and sea marine is a huge delicacy around the world. Many things such as tuna, salmon, and tilapia are enjoyed all across the globe. But seafood is in danger. During recent years industrialization has caused huge innovation in the way humans catch, farm, and treat marine life. 

With new innovations, fishing these days involves massive nets that are dragged with large boats that can catch up to thousands of fish with each net grab. With so much fish being taken at once the fish populations become too depleted to breed and recover at a normal rate. 

Along with the decrease of population though there is also a correlation to size since the effects of overfishing. With the problems of growing more slowly and not enough breeding the size and growth of fish are hindered. Not only the size of fish, but the price of many delicacies from the ocean are rising very fast. 

Food like lobsters, oysters and crabs all used to be cheap meals. Lobsters themselves were seen as sea cockroaches and a prisoner’s meal. The price of these animals though have all grown through the room exponentially in past years. According to the website nature.com there is a 92 % decrease of lobster abundance between 1928 and 2019. 

If you want to be still eating all of these delicious foods maybe you should start doing what you can. Choosing to buy your food from sustainable farms, spreading awareness about this problem, and reducing the waste of what seafood you have can all help with this problem. With the overfishing all around the world we just have to hope that we can still eat all of these foods in the further  future.

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